Updates from the Campaign Trail

The election is a month away and my campaign is going strong. It was a busy summer bustling with campaign activity. The campaign team and I have been knocking on doors, greeting and meeting residents and distributing postcards since July. I have personally knocked on over 2,000 doors and we have delivered over 7,000 postcards to Ward 10 residents. While this seems like an astonishing figure there is still some ground to cover. I spend five to six days each week campaigning and connecting with residents. I have placed great emphasis on listening to residents, learning about and empathizing with their concerns. When meeting with a resident I ask the following two questions; “What issues or concerns do you have about our city or ward?” and “How can I serve you if I am elected?” I am humbled by the support and positive responses I have received about my campaign. My focus on face-to-face campaigning has given me a glimpse into some of the issues that are important to residents.  Continue reading “Updates from the Campaign Trail”

Affordable Housing

Over the last several months there have been a number of stories in the media about our affordable housing crisis. We witnessed a Tent City being constructed and relocated on a weekly basis in the downtown wards. It has become increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye and ignore this crisis. There are 4,200 households on a waiting list for affordable housing in Waterloo Region. This is an astonishing figure that has been growing each and every year. For too long we have chosen to ignore this issue and as a result it has quickly become out of control. Past governments were keenly aware of the housing crisis in our city, but for some reason they opted for inaction. It’s time for change!

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Safe Consumption Sites

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had meetings with Ward 10 residents to discuss the proposed Safe Consumption Site (SCS) located at 115 Water Street. Safe Consumption Sites are a sensitive and divisive issue affecting residents throughout the downtown core. The Region has identified the location of a second Safe Consumption Site in Kitchener; however, this information has not yet been made public. Due to Premier Doug Ford’s position to eliminate funding for SCSs the second location may not come to fruition. We know that opioid use has skyrocketed in Waterloo Region. The use of opioids is not limited to a specific demographic or section of the local population. While the problem is concentrated in downtown Kitchener, these drugs have permeated neighbourhoods throughout Waterloo Region. As a result we need to investigate and implement new or different solutions to combat this issue.

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