Why I Am Running

I pledge to serve and support all citizens of Ward 10. I want to be your  voice at City Hall. Vote for Peter Meier on October 22nd.

Inclusive and accessible city

Our neighbourhoods, communities and city continue to welcome and  celebrate diversity. As well as being inclusive to all citizens and continuing to work towards being accessible and barrier free.

Responsible, sustainable and inclusive development

The dKitchener Market front entranceowntown core is changing, new residential and commercial developments are being constructed and others are being planned. High density residential development will dramatically reshape the downtown landscape. We need to ensure our city develops in a responsible manner – growth must serve the best interests of residents and the community at large.

The development process must be open and inclusive; there must be collaboration between government, municipal staff and residents. We cannot allow developers and builders to determine the direction or dictate how our city develops. We need to implement legislation that mandates how our city will be developed and revitalized. All future development must adhere to this legislation, and serve the needs of our community. We must stop granting concessions to developers in exchange for minimal community benefit. We must mandate that all new high-density developments include a percentage of affordable housing units.

This is an opportunity for us to tackle the overwhelming affordable housing crisis affecting our city and region. We should not be solely responsible for the financial and social costs that result from large scale development. It’s time to put the onus and responsibility onto developers and builders. If you want to build in our Kitchener, you will play by our rules!

Clean and safe environment

Our neighbourhoods, communities and city must be clean and safe for all residents. We need to develop new solutions to manage the issues affecting the downtown wards. This includes drug use, discarded needles and safe injection sites as well as prostitution. We need to ensure our core neighbourhoods do not become ghettoized as a result of our inaction. It’s time to look into different solutions to these challenges.

Multimodal transportation infrastructure

The LRT and the expansion of Rapid Bus Transit have significantly changed the look and feel of our downtown communities. These developments will provide a vital transit link between Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge in the near future. The Region and Cities have put an emphasis on reducing the number of vehicles on our roads, encouraging the use of mass transit or alternative transit options such as cycling. While the LRT and Rapid Bus Transit are important components of our broader transportation plan we must not overlook the need to invest in alternative transportation infrastructure.

The city needs to review and evaluate our current cycling infrastructure to determine its efficacy and efficiency. The city should investigate the possibility of building dedicated cycling lanes similar to Waterloo, Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. We need to provide cyclists with safe and efficient travel routes. We need to implement an overarching cycling plan that is consistent across city and regional roads.

Transparent, responsive and interactive government

Our local government must operate in a transparent manner; government officials and city staff must be responsive to resident concerns and understand they have a duty to serve the public. Our local government must proactively engage and interact with residents, business and the community at large. Residents must feel connected to and supported by their local government. Our elected officials have a duty to stand up for their constituents, tackle important issues and make difficult decisions that will best serve the Ward and City.

Fiscal responsibility & accountability

Our government must be fiscally responsible and maintain a high level of accountability. Residents must feel informed and have access to fiscal and financial information. Tax increases, while necessary, must be in line with the current rate of inflation.

Vote Peter Meier for Ward 10